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Black Vulpine: Better than ever!
Black Vulpine has a new look! He's now slightly muscled, and has a new facial pattern. Still got the scars, but he's looking amazing. This is the best picture of Black that's ever been done to date.

Original pic (click to view): :icondarkgoose:.
Black Vulpine is, of course, owned by me.
It's a rule I made perfectly clear on FA, but I am for some reason STILL receiving random friend requests on PSN, Steam, YiM, Skype, and in the case of 3DS and some Wii U requests, people saying that they have added me and I have not responded. I have said it time and time again, but people still don't seem to get it. If you wish to add me to ANY of the services you can find me on, you MUST identify yourself when you are writing the friend request message, OTHERWISE YOU MAY GET DISMISSED AS A RANDOM FRIEND REQUEST!! If the service you are adding me to does not use friend request messages, then PLEASE let me know you are trying to add me by including the name to look for! This is doubly important for 3DS and provisionally adding on the Wii U (friend card added displays 'Provisionally registered'), because I have no other way of knowing you are trying to add me there!

Do either of the above, ESPECIALLY if your name on the service is different to what I might otherwise know you as. The reason I reject random friend requests is because in the past, especially on PSN, I have had random people going after me and they will, for example, ask me to add them so they can use my account to get a DLC I have that they don't (referred to as gamesharing, such practices are illegal, and seldom work anyway), or in the most recent case, someone was trying to blackmail me into adding them so they could get me level 15 prestige on Black Ops quickly. I don't know what they were up to, but I politely declined, and they got more aggressive. I kept stepping up my tone, to the point where I finally stopped being polite altogether and just told them, "No, I will not add you, because I do not trust you enough." They got the shits with me and told me they would hack me and reset my progress in that game (being the sort to not be shaken by stuff like that, I was NOT impressed, and responded with, "Threatening me? I think not. That's REALLY gonna get me to add you."). I called their bluff (reported them anyway, because it's completely inappropriate to even joke about that), but shit like that should be more than enough reason to deny all random friend requests. I am very discriminant about who goes on my friend list, and want to be sure I am only adding people who genuinely want to be my friends. It keeps my list reasonably small and reduces the risk of being associated with anyone doing anything illegal.

I don't like having to keep saying it, people! If you can't include a message in your request, let me know ahead of time what you intend to do! It's not hard to send messages to me on here, folks. If you can just do that, then there will be no dramas.

Note about Wii U friending:
Settings are set to allow friend requests, but please identify yourself in your friend request message so you are not dismissed as a random request, especially if your username there is different to what it is on here.
If you add me provisionally (friend card displays 'Provisionally Registered'), please make sure you let me know, or I may not be able to add you unless you visit my MiiVerse profile. It is recommended you add me by searching for my name through MiiVerse; you can do this by going to MiiVerse and choosing User Settings > Search Users and then entering the name. Once on my profile page, you can just click 'Add Friend' on the upper right corner of the page.


Black-Vulpine's Profile Picture
Black the Vulpine
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
Everything you need to know about me is on my site here. But for my services... I am good with digital work. With Photoshop and a graphics tablet for my weapons, I can take on almost any job. Ink sketches, flat colour, and remove dust and scratches to name a few. Need a job done? Call me!

As far as other services you may wish to friend me in, I have lots. But be aware that you must have legit reasons to add me. Include messages in your friend requests so I know who you are. Or at least state where you found my details. Unidentifiable requests will be deleted ruthlessly. Check my FA profile for more details. Now, I can't put everything on here just yet so for now, I will display this:

3DS Friend Card: 0903-2777-3987
IMPORTANT! It is VITAL that you send me a message on here with your OWN friend code, otherwise you cannot add me!

(Display icon done as a gifty for me by Felax-Snorlax. Used to love him so much, but now I dunno where he is. :( Icon above taken from a comic done for me by HatchlingByHeart of FA)


At present, I cannot take commissions. However, like many people, I do appreciate a donation every once in a while.

Of course, I don't expect anyone to actually donate, but any random act of kindness, no matter how small, should never go unrewarded...


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Hold on. I'm watching you because I'm monitoring your behaviour on here. I'm not happy with some of the stuff I've been hearing you've been doing.
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